How to write an original course work?

How to write an original course work?

It’s not easy to write a good student’s work, whether it’s a diploma or even a course paper. It is necessary to dig through the mountain of textbooks, periodical literature, to read the works of eminent scientists. As a result, the original text should be obtained, with the same success based both on existing developments and new ideas of the student. But in practice it often happens that teachers “fill up” coursework, even if the student wrote it independently. The main reason is the low uniqueness of the text, which is the first sign of plagiarism.

 How to make it so that the text is as different as possible from the source material? You cannot write scientific work, completely distancing yourself from lectures and textbooks!

How to get around the antiplagiarism

 There are several ways to solve this problem. One of them is to use special services on the Internet. For example, the dictionary of synonyms of the Russian language will allow you to select analogues for popular, hackneyed phrases and word combinations, which are found in huge numbers, including in student texts.

 Such “stamps” reduce the uniqueness of the text, give it a secondary touch. Teachers see these expressions, and immediately make conclusions not in favor of the author of the work.

 It is difficult to detect such word combinations without special programs. Fortunately, the Internet has online services, through which the verification of the uniqueness of the course work text becomes a simple and interesting task. After analyzing the provided fragment or this whole work, the service will give out both the overall percentage of uniqueness of the text, and will show the word-repeats.

 You will only have to remove them from the context, replacing them with synonyms or by completely restructuring the proposal. Such editing will allow testing in any programs that detect plagiarism in student work.

 The second way is to paraphrase each sentence taken from the source. It’s like a school statement, when the teacher offered to tell you in his own words about what was read. However, there are also possible problems.

 So our brain is arranged that it is easier for him to explain his thoughts with the usual words. Therefore, there may be a situation where, in addition to your will, you will speak in your essay or diploma with learned phrases.

 Therefore, it is better not to risk and once again check the text of the course work on uniqueness. Time will take a little, but keep your nerves intact and safe, as well as moral and physical strength.

And yet, do not neglect the help of your teacher, he can suggest interesting directions, help to find suitable literature. Consultations will allow you to write high-quality, interesting, and, most importantly, unique course work.

At the moment, not all universities require the verification of course and diploma papers on anti-plagiarism. Nevertheless, the verification of student work for uniqueness is becoming more widespread. Therefore, if this year you are lucky, this does not mean that nothing will change for the next academic year.