How to write a college essay: step by step guide

Students have a very different opinion about an essay. For some students this genre is very light. And for some, on the contrary, it is incredibly complicated.
Unconditional plus of an essay is a very free form, almost no genre framework. However, if an author does not even know what to say, then it will be very difficult to come up with an essay and start writing it.

Think about the reasons for writing. The format of an essay implies that you express your thoughts to the reader in a form of a monologue.

The first thing you need to do and where to start is to explain the nature of your reasoning. Trying to convey, explain why you began to develop this idea and why your opinion may be interesting and relevant. This will become a relevant and informative entry into the work.

Think about the development of thought. As with any work, you should develop a strict logic of the story, thus you make your essay more readable. There are many options how to do it. You can put forward a term and then systematically prove it. The main thing is that it does not look like an obscure running from one topic to another, and then it will be easier for the reader to follow the logic of your thoughts.

Think about stylistic expressions. Friedrich Nietzsche, whose works are very close to the essay, became popular because of an aggressive and ultimatum language that rejected most readers. Other authors experiment with the dialogue format. For example, they use many rhetorical questions. Definitely, the reader will get the best impressions if you establish a dialogue with him.

Do not increase the size of your essay by information which is not related to the topic . Essay does not mean much scientific work; it’s nothing more than an essay and sketch. The more important for you is that your essay should not have “water” and general phrases. Try to fill every sentence with value and thought, and then it will be more interesting to read it.

Sum up the essay. You just need to repeat the basic thoughts of your work and highlight the most important moments to understand.