Why homework is useless and even harmful

Teachers decide, helps homework to learn material or steals childhood, and schoolchildren hate homework, regardless of the conclusions of adults. Here is the American Teacher Brandy Young and decided to cancel homework for her class. In the United States, obligatory meetings with teachers are held: parents come to school, get acquainted with teachers, see what and how. At one such meeting, Brandy, who teaches second-graders, gave her parents scraps with deadly information: homework will not be until the end of the year. At home, you just need to finish what the student did not have time to finish in the classroom. The teacher invited her parents to use the time they had to spare: use family dinners, read the whole family of the book, walk more in the street and go to bed earlier. The idea was liked by many, judging by the huge number of likes and cheers. And it’s true, you do not need a little house. That’s why.

  1. Homework Harmful to Health

This is said by all parents: the constantly growing academic burden and stress testing are hitting children’s health. Because of the high load, children sleep less. They sit up late at the textbooks and worry about the grades, eventually they have problems with sleep. The relationship among sleep duration, homework burden, and sleep hygiene in Chinese school-aged children. We have almost no healthy schoolchildren. Myopia, gastritis, chronic fatigue, and posture disorders – there is probably something of this in the child. So, maybe spit on this homework and grades and do something more useful?

  1. Homework takes time

Today, children are busier than ever, says Peter Gray, a professor at Boston College. They spend too much time at school, then they run to the tutors, on the way back they wrap it in the section. The schedule is tightly regulated; every hour is taken into account. Children learn languages, math, programming. But they have no time to learn life. Psychologist Harris Cooper conducted research that proved that tasks at home are not very effective: too much information the child does not learn. Babies need no more than 20 minutes of additional lessons, the elder – an hour and a half. For comparison: according to our sanitary rules, an hour and a half is the volume for the second class. Graduates can spend for lessons for three and a half hours. Almost half of the working day, and this is after school. And to live when?

  1. Homework does not teach anything

School education is absolutely divorced from life. After many years of studying English, graduates of two words cannot connect, have no idea, in which hemisphere they rest, they believe in the power of homeopathy. Homework continues the trend: they are hammering their heads with facts that children cannot apply.

4. Homework kills the desire to learn”
To make lessons” still means either to solve the school examples, or to read several paragraphs. In fact, the teachers shove the house what they did not have time to tell from the call to the bell. It’s so dreary that homework turns into a heavy duty.